FF&E specification & procurement


FF&E specification and procurement

Our FF&E and procurement services covers specification, procurement and installation. True value is realised in procurement, Shona and her team find the balance between quality and price thanks to years of experience and a trusted relationship with FF&E suppliers.


We consider design, styling and operator standards. The selection of FF&E will be project specific and we will specify products from appropriate suppliers whether they are off the shelf or bespoke.


Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment are directly sourced from manufacturers. Our team will make several factory visits, managing quality control and carrying out product inspections. We will coordinate the rod drawing process ensuring that we achieve the correct specification.

The structuring of the procurement process is based on both qualitative and quantitative reviews and includes a comprehensive budget framework designed to minimise total cost.


Overseeing the movement of all inland and overseas products. To ensure peace of mind our FF&E procurement process is only completed when the goods are on site, installed and dressed.